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Thanks for checking in to see what is happening. The latest news: I am in Australia and have been playing some shows, mostly revolving around a new album coming out here on Flippin Yeah called "Wake The Dreamers." It is a vinyl release of carefully selected covers, that some friends and I recorded in my home town, Portland, Oregon.
Wake the Dreamers | Shelley Short & the Sure Shots

Wake the Dreamers(2013) Shelley Short & the Sure Shots

(Available on limited edition vinyl from jealousbutcher.com (US) and Flippin Yeah (AU) featuring Chris Funk, Cory Gray, Nate Query, John Neufed and Brian Wright. Produced by Adam Selzer)


I just had one show in Brisbane with Darren Hanlon accompanying me at The Junk Bar that turned out so well. Thank you Brisbane for being so excellent. There are two more release shows coming up soon. One in SYDNEY AT THE PETERSHAM BOWLING CLUB ON MAY 23RD, and one at THE WESLEY ANNE IN MELBOURNE ON MAY 25TH. These two shows will be fun because I will have a band made up of legends. Steph Hughes will be playing drumms, Darren Hanlon will be playing lead guitar, Ben Mason will be playing bass and Laura Jean will be singing harmonies. Laura Jean is a Melbourne singer songwriter who's songs pull me in and dance around my brain when I hear them. Not only will she be singing with us, but she will be will be playing a solo set both shows, which is a dream.
If you are in Sydney or Melbourne next week, please come and say hello! I have been having so many adventures, I need to start writing them down, so I am getting ready to start a blog of writings you can check up on here, hopefully full of things that mean nothing and memories that may or may not be true.
Happy day xo