>> Reflections:

I was on an airplane recently, thinking about "where you are from", and how it must be important. When first meeting, people often ask where you're from, and the question is often times reciprocated. I wonder where this gets us? What usually ends up happening in my head is a quick equation of lines, connecting where they are from to where I have been (or would like to go, or know someone from, or have read about...). Many other connecting lines often quickly follow until we have entered the world of conversation. So here we go: I am from here, Portland, Oregon, although I have lived in other places, and have been lucky enough to have had my music take me to many magical spots, and to meet so many wonderful people. In experiencing these things and folks, I'd like to think I'm making it easier to draw the lines in my head connecting where I am from to where you are from, and all the thoughts in between.  


>> Press Bio:

A native of Portland, Oregon, songwriter and singer Shelley Short grew up among characters and artists in a wood-heated home full of books, records, and well-cooked meals. As Short recounts: "It was like growing up in a time machine; in some ways we lived like in 1876, chopping wood, growing our own food, wearing old clothes in a Victorian home and singing our own songs. Other times it seemed like we were living in 1955, driving around Cadillacs and Studebakers and listening to Jonny Ray and The Flamingos. And yet it all felt like growing up in a blurring movie made in 1963, full of these big personalities. As a kid I grew up so accustomed to falling asleep to the sound of talk and laughter that when I moved out, the silence got to me."